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What is Rasta?

The precious $RASTA token is the official Token of the RastaFinance eco-system. Through its decentralized exchange (DEX) and architecture, RastaFinance is putting the people's money, back into the people's hands

Connect Directly to Your Wallet

The Rasta.Finance platform connects straight to your smart chain wallet, in order to ensure swift interaction with our DeFi protocols. Please find the guide on connecting your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) enabled wallet.

BSC Connect Guide

Join a Community that Cares

Farming the $RASTA token involves staking your coins to provide liquidity for the RastaDEX. By a whole community doing this together, we grow the community and make it easier for new Rastas to join

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How To Buy $Rasta

Coming Up

What's in the Works?

Zion LaunchPad

We are changing personal investment for-ever, make sure to have enough $MRASTA coins to participate.


The internet is a vast place, we need to keep getting our name and face out there, watch out for our additional listings.


Our Rastafarian ideologies are not only unique, but infectious. We are spreading our love to as many community as we can.

If you can help,

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